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Sint Eustatius Travel Tips

Required Documents

A valid Passport, also included for citizens born in the United States and Canada. A Birth certificate is no longer accepted for these countries.

Historic Site

When traveling to Sint Eustatius (statia) don’t forget to walk with your camera to show your friends and family what this beautiful Island has to offer. They will be amazed by the historic ruins, hiking trails and dive sites we have on our Island.


Statia has the best dive site in the Caribbean at the same time it is prohibited for visitors to dive alone. You must hire one of the dive operators on the Island to take you diving.  It is also prohibited to take anything from the dive sites. Person can be fined up to $ 5000,00 for this.


Sint Eustatius is a very safe place. Crime is almost nonexistent, but we do advise you when going out keep your room locked and walk with the amount of money you plan to spend and leave the rest with your other valuables in your room.


The Legal tender on Sint Eustatius is the United States Dollar. For all other currencies visitors will have to exchange there country currency at the banks to get United States Dollars.

Banking Hours

There is one banks on Sint Eustatius. Windward Island Bank

Opening hours are 08:30 am until 3:30 pm


Dutch is the official language on the Island of Sint Eustatius, but English is spoken throughout the Island.


Casual summer wear can be worn anytime of the day and year. Walking without a shirt is tolerated but prohibited


Electricity is 120 volts all over the Island. 220 volts is also used in some areas. Visitors should inquire before bringing 220 volts appliances to the Island.


Driving is done on the right side in Sint Eustatius. You are allowed to use your home driver license for 3 months. Pedestrians should always look left first before crossing the street.

Important phone numbers and addresses to remember:

Police Department:  van Tonningenweg

Tel. 318-2333 or (911 Emergency Only)

Immigration: Fort-Oranjestraat (Mazinga Complex)

Tel. 318-2477 / 318-2371

Fire Department:  912

Health Department: Chapel Peace (Statia Mall)

Tel. 318-2891 / 3182796

Hospital: Queen Beatrix Road.

Tel. 318-2371 / 318-2606 or (913 Emergency Ony)